Ajwad By Lattafa 60ml 2.04 FL OZ Eau De Parfum

Ajwad By Lattafa 60ml 2.04 FL OZ Eau De Parfum

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Ajwad By Lattafa 60ml 2.04 FL OZ Eau De Parfum

Lattafa Ajwad Edp a natural spray sweet perfume full of aromas of amber, rose and sandalwood. It is slightly sweet vanilla scent, nicely caramelized, with a lot of fruit and cedar wood blended. Using this smell gets into your mind away, where the Amira tells her stories and where dreams become reality. Relax your mind and let yourself be charmed by this oriental fragrance cocktail. It is packed in a beautiful elegant bottle and a beautiful outer box.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Litchi, & Fruity Notes

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Roses, & Cinnamon

Base Notes: Cedar, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk, & Vanilla

Volume: 60ml

2.04 Fl. Oz.

Customer Reviews

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Tiffany M.

This is such a well-blended fragrance that can be worn year-round. It is just pretty. I couldn't pull out any notes in particular due to it being mixed so well. It is unisex but leans more feminine. I would preferably wear this in spring and summer.

Get it!

This smells so good that I got to order another one for my mom

Renee B.
Beautiful Floral

Very fruity, sweetish, floral with some woody-ness. I love this, and it's still warm enough where I am to get the full affect of the fragrance. Strong, but not too much, so. Does not smell like granny. Smells like a fine woman. Not girly at all. This is coming from someone who hardly enjoys floral fragrances. I'm in loooove! My mother loves as well. Gotta get a few back ups.

Diana E.
My top perfume

Absolutely blown away by this perfume!! It’s sweet and fruity when you first spray it and once it dries down, you can really smell the cedar amber and vanilla. Such an elegant mix that smells incredibly expensive. Gives me baccarat rouge vibes with a touch of bergamont and florals. The longevity is beast mode. This will last on me til the next day! That NEVER happens with me. I got sooo many compliments on it. Packaging is amazing too so it makes a beautiful gift. Honestly obsessed with this perfume!!

Vicky T.
WOW Factor

This is quickly becoming my favorite fall fragrance in my collection. Ajwad is an amazing scent that takes you on a journey. She starts out fruity upon opening and within an hour when it starts drying down the rose, vanilla, sugar jumps out at you with hints of the fading fruit and then after several hours all you smell is vanilla and sugar. Well done Lattafa.