Al Arousa Al Arosa Black Tea Kenyan Organic t 250 Gram

Al Arousa Al Arosa Black Tea Kenyan Organic t 250 Gram

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Al Arousa Alarousa Black Tea Indian Kenyan Organic Raditional Egyptian Dust Egypt Arabian Strong Rich Pure Oriental Natural Taste Loose Breakfast 250 gm شاى العروسة



Item Description -Al Arousa Indian Kenyan Egyptian Dust Finest

Quality Black Tea 250 gm

Condition: 100% Pure , Natural

Quantity: 1 Pack = 250gm

Color: Black

Weight (Approx.) : 250 gm = (8.8oz)

Material: 100% Natural And Organic.


Features & details

  • It is the first packing method for tea packing ( vacuum packing ) by this way the pack is completely vacuumed. Selective variety of organic and hand-picked loose leaf tea offers excellent health benefits and premium flavors.
  • Experience the aromatic loose tea with our signature blends, handcrafted and single-estate leaf teas.
  • With Al Arosa tea you will enjoy the best cup of tea with the perfect taste and color.
  • Not only being the best companion for your breakfast meal or the superior beverage after lunch, Black tea has its own benefits that make it your health best mate. - Manufacture & Expiration Dates Indicated On The Main Package Are In European Format Which Is DD/MM/YY .