Al Noble Wazeer By Lattafa 100ml 3.4 FL OZ Eau De Parfum

Al Noble Wazeer By Lattafa 100ml 3.4 FL OZ Eau De Parfum

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Al Noble Wazeer By Lattafa 100ml 3.4 FL OZ Eau De Parfum

Perfume Wazeer Al Noble by Lattafa Perfumes is a fruity-woody, powdery fragrance for women and men.

The slightly fresh and green top note offers a blend of mint, bitter orange, bergamot and juniper.

Iris, dark chocolate, raspberries, caramel and pears follow in the delicate top notes.

A base of cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, amber, vanilla and musk closes the perfume softly and harmoniously.

Wazeer Al Noble is simultaneous, fresh, warm and deep, contrasting and harmonious and is very suitable for any occasion.

Main accords: woody, sweet, powdery, iris, aromatic, fruity, green, spicy.

Volume: 100ml

3.4 Fl. Oz.

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Henry P.

Al Noble Wazeer By Lattafa 100ml 3.4 FL OZ Eau De Parfum


Highly recommended. Awesome scent

Gift for my Dad

He loves the fragrance. Thank you!

Alena L.
Great juice, not so great quality bottle.


6 sprays on clean skin on 35 degrees.

1. Middle Eastern Vibe (oud centric): Yes. Very mild.
2. Drydown: About 30 minutes.
3. Projection: 7/10. A good 4 feet first 3 hours.
4. Longevity: 7/10. About 6 hours. This one is easy to go nose blind with.
5. Apple/booze forward on the test strip after full dry down.
6. Time Niche: Fall/winter. Day.

TASTE: Butterscotch coated apple. Apple cider hot toddy. Apple Brandy sidecar cocktail. Vanilla and Brandy poached pears.

SMELL: Tennessee Apple Jack Daniels. Crown Royal Apple. Oakwood crate filled with ripe apples.

SIGHT: Fall leaves picked up by the wind. Matthew McConaughey in Lincoln commercials. Jude Law. Blake Lively.

SOUND: Tigran Boiler-"Crisp Velvet". Journey-"Separate Ways". Enrique Iglesias-"Cuando Me Enamoro". David Guetta ft. Sia-"Titanium".

TOUCH: Effervescence of champagne on the tongue. Brass buckle on leather belt. A cold mug with warmth of the hot drink seeping through to the fingers.

Value/price: 7/10

Crisp, warm, uplifting, and comforting all-in-one. Kudos on the blending. Please be careful on the applique on the bottle as it pops right off the velvet and can get stuck in your fingers like a splinter.

Frederick T.
Fast shipping and great product.

First experience with this business and it was very pleasant. Fragrance arrived in about 2 days and was well packaged. Have already recommended this company and Fragrance to a few friends and My 3800 Instagram followers