Asad By Lattafa 100ml 3.4 FL OZ Eau De Parfum *AMAZING*

Asad By Lattafa 100ml 3.4 FL OZ Eau De Parfum *AMAZING*

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Asad By Lattafa 100ml 3.4 FL OZ Eau De Parfum *AMAZING*

Asad by Lattafa is a amber and vanilla notes fragrance for men . This fragrance notes are Spicy Notes , Clove , Vanilla , Sandalwood , Amber .

Lattafa Asad comes in 100 ml EDP ( eau de perfum ) version with a beautiful black gold bottle presentation . Best using time of lattafa asad is in winter , fall and spring nights

Fragrance Notes : Spicy Notes , Clove , Vanilla , Sandalwood , Amber .

Volume: 100ml

3.4 Fl. Oz.

Customer Reviews

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Alana K.
Smells good

My husband received a compliment the first day he wore it.

Pao S.

Never smelled Elixir but if this is what Elixir smells like then you can save a ton of money by going with Asad. Right off bat I get sweetness and some spice and it pretty much lasts throughout of the scent duration. It's a linear scent so it can get boring fast. Wish the spice would be amped up more and the sweetness toned down a bit. Performance is good. 8 hours plus on skin and over 24 hours on clothes. Projection is strong for the first 2 hours but still has good strength through the dry down. Not a skin scent at all where you have to put your nose on your fabric or skin.

Ifeanyi U.

For real, you all need to try this!! It’s a first class fragrance. Simply excellent!!

Engel A.L.
unbelievably good!!!

I don't know how they manage to get so close to the original scent It is a sensitive subject for many people, their favorite fragrances are being cloned in the best way, I have to say that I like the idea that LATTAFA is the one who does it, I know that if they don't, designer brands will, let's not be blind, we know how this industry works, even niche brands are being "INSPIRED" by other fragrances.

Dorothy J.

Asad By Lattafa 100ml 3.4 FL OZ Eau De Parfum *AMAZING*