Bawadi by Lattafa Asdaaf 100 ML Perfume Men Women Unisex
Bawadi by Lattafa Asdaaf 100 ML Perfume Men Women Unisex

Bawadi by Lattafa Asdaaf 100 ML Perfume Men Women Unisex

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Type: Eau De Parfum 

Volume: 100ml

Gender: Unisex

Bawadi is part of the collection "Asdaaf", creation of Lattafa Perfumes fragrance house, United Arab Emirates. This is perfume for men and for women. It consists of the following notes:

Top Notes: Cinnamon, Sofran, Orange, Nucsoara

Middle notes: Orchids, Lacramiors, Rashes, Spices, Chamomile

Basic notes: Vanilla, Ambra, Santal wood, Oud, Patchouli, Caramel

Customer Reviews

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Very nice gourmand in a warm way. Vanilla, perhaps a hint of freshly baked bread. A lot like Raghbah but not as smoky.

Wow! Warm, spicy, woodsy

It’s a beast in lasting power and throw- It sprays heavy, I used 2-3 and it lasted from early am until evening- it mellows down into a warm, woodsy vanilla scent- Someone described it as being the mom of Lattafa Oud Mood- This gives more spice than OM and isn’t as heavy on the Oud- It’s there but all the other notes balance it- Definitely a winner and worth the $

Beastly fabulous!

This has everything, slightly sweet, spicy, insense, creamy, oud. This is a LONG lasting fragrance, it is strong! Unisex, bold statement. I've been waiting for Lattafa (Asdaaf) to bring on an emboldened unisex fragrance that really works equally for both men and women. This is the most neutral fragrance! The dry down is delicious. My opinion, a cooler weather fragrance because, it is so beastly. I sprayed this on the top of my hand 8.5 hrs ago, and it's still performing beautifully. I am so happy with this fragrance. Also, the oud doesn't knock you over with synthetic-ness. The oud in this scent is gorgeous!

Fall gem

Warm, smokey incense, spicy amber, with a lil sweetness mixed it, fall and winter time only in my opinion but hey do you

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Amber M.R.
Gorgeous Overlooked Fragrance

I loved it when I got it... warm, kind of resinous, and definitely cozy... I've allowed it to sit and it's gotten stronger. Moderate Scent that lasts around 8hrs. It's a keeper in my collection 😍