Choco Musk Eau De Parfum By Al Rehab 50ml 1.65 oz

Choco Musk Eau De Parfum By Al Rehab 50ml 1.65 oz

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Choco Musk Eau De Parfum By Al Rehab 50ml 1.65 oz


  • Al-Rehab is Middle East's leading perfume manufacturer which creates fine traditional Arabian and oriental perfumes. Al-Rehab's famous oil perfumes in spray.
    • Genuine Al-Rehab perfume
    • High quality exotic longer lasting
    • Comes in 50ml Spray. Most are Unisex (can be used by men or women)
    • One of the most popular perfume brands

Customer Reviews

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Victoria J.
Very underwhelming, hardly any scent notes

I was very excited to try this one, but I ended up very disappointed. It smells like straight rubbing alcohol which hardly goes away after letting it dry down. Smells like almost nothing, the smallest hints of musk and chocolate. I didn't smell any vanilla or marshmallow scent like others have claimed. I'm hoping the will get better with age but I wouldn't wear it right now.

Love this scent

I am a gourmand fragrance kinda girl. I love this scent very much. It smells so yummy. I will repurchase.

Chocolate Dream

Good layering scent or to use alone!!!!!

Josie c.
safe bling buy

smells so sweet and lovely. like a lot of marshmallows on hot cocoa


This perfume is very gourmand and sweet. When you open the bottle, you are hit with cocoa and vanilla. However, the dry down is way different than the initial spray. After a few minutes, the sweet gourmand scent goes away and you are left with a bitter scent. The only way I can really describe it is bitter tea or maybe very bitter coffee beans. I am not a huge fan of the dry down, so that is the only reason why I am rating it lower. The initial scent is delightful and I wish it would stay that way all throughout. Moving on, this perfume has a decent/short longevity. It lasts about maybe 3-4 hours on clothes and on the skin. The projection is also quite bad as you cannot smell the perfume if you were to walk pass someone wearing it. However, considering how cheap the perfume is, it does perform quite well. Overall, it is a decent perfume and perfect for layering 6.5/10.