Divin Asylum Eau De Parfum By FA Paris 100ml 3.4 FL OZ

Divin Asylum Eau De Parfum By FA Paris 100ml 3.4 FL OZ

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Divin Asylum Eau De Parfum By FA Paris 100ml 3.4 FL OZ

Discover the captivating Divin Asylum Perfume / Eau De Parfum 100ml by FA Paris (Fragrance World), inspired by Roja Dove – Elysium. Energize your senses with its blend of fresh and lust-inducing scents. This fragrance radiates originality, joy of life, and style. With its alluring notes of grapefruit, vetiver, pink pepper, and benzoin, Divin Asylum is destined to become a future classic. Housed in a stunning bottle with a stone-encrusted aroma stopper, it embodies elegance and masculinity.

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Customer Reviews

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Jay B.
Weak new batch

The 2023 version was outstanding on smell and longevity. But this new 2024 batch is weak as imperium. Its a shame for fragrance world!!


Amazing! Thanks for getting this back in!!

Det1911 ..
Disappointed so far

My experience with this fragrance is very disappointing thus far I paid over $70 and I was expecting it to last more than an hour

Great Fragrance!

Thank you for the great selection and pricing! Your shipping is outstanding! Thank you.

1:1 smell, but weak performance

When I first sprayed, I thought it was gonna be a beast most projection and longevity. But after 1.5-2 hours this was a skin scent. And I’m no baby sprayer. May have to let this sit until next summer and give it a try.