Jorge Di Profondo Eau De Parfum By Maison Alhambra 100ml 3.4 FL OZ

Jorge Di Profondo Eau De Parfum By Maison Alhambra 100ml 3.4 FL OZ

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Jorge Di Profondo Eau De Parfum By Maison Alhambra 100ml 3.4 FL OZ

If your chosen one really likes aromas saturated with oriental-woody shades, then Jorge parfum for his true favorite! A relaxing musk trail that conquers the amplitude of water notes and cypress will transform even the most ordinary, everyday look into something beautiful, bright and irresistible in a special way. This perfume is perfect for strict, restrained intellectuals, motivating them to confidently make confident decisions, bolder actions and the implementation of cherished ideas.

Opening note. Discovering the rich sound of crisp bergamot, the perfume takes on a new watery role woven from the joys of invigorating green mandarin. The refreshing introduction of citrus fruits plays with fantasy for a long time, awakening the most hidden and incredible possibilities in its owner.

Heart note. The climax begins with a raucous cypress solo that quickly flows into a flower bed of lavender and majestic mastic. Without waiting for its turn, spicy rosemary kicks in, amplifying the strength and energy of the aromas.

A final note. Mineral amber takes you on a long journey to a transparent musk trail. But in a moment it calms down and stops looking at the tiny patchouli flowers like stars. 


Customer Reviews

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Irving T.
Close to the Original

It's a good choice since the fragance is very close to the original Armani Profondo for much less money


Nice scent

Bro. B.
It's alright

Don't love it and don't hate it either. Probably close to the original DNA and slightly above average performance. Decent frosted bottle and definitely budget friendly for trying the scent profile without breaking the bank. Just not my cup of tea. A like on the scent for now. Pleasant and uplifting but retains a lot of the original ADG profile.

Michael J.
very pleased

spot on compared to the original half the price

Willis G.

It was great loved it. Service was exceptional..