Khadlaj Rose and Romance Eau De Parfum Perfume - Hot New Release

Khadlaj Rose and Romance Eau De Parfum Perfume - Hot New Release

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Khadlaj Coco Musk Perfume - Hot New Release 


The KHADLAJ COCO MUSK EDP is world class in everty aspect. With its aroma that feels like a milky vanilla, gourmet note washing over you softly, you know that you are where you need to be. The way it opens with a citrusy yet wholesome fruity aroma is freshness in totality. This is a great aroma, and with its long lasting fragrance its easy to see why this is fantastic. 

Top Notes: Musk

Middle Notes: Coconut, Chocolate Accord

Base Notes: Vanilla, Amber

Customer Reviews

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A very strong rose


It’s beautiful but it smells familiar. I love rose scents but this also have a powdery note that I am not a fan of but it’s not a bad fragrance, just not my favorite.


A floral scent Leyden with lilies of the valley, jasmine, freesias, a little honey, and roses.
Cedar and green undertones, finish with a soft powdery musk.
This is an elegant feminine fragrance that has staying power. So beautiful!
The bottle is nice quality also.

Perfume G.
Beautiful perfume

This is a beautiful mild floral perfume. Perfect for everyday...not headache inducing. Easy to wear for an office setting.

Beautiful inside and out!

This perfume comes in a lovely, weighty bottle that is decor-worthy in any household. The fragrance is a pleasant and fresh gardenia scent. The price was unbeatable. Thank you Triple Traders for selling this gorgeous item for a very fair price. I’m sure I’ll be enjoying it all the way to the last drop!