Mousuf By Ard Al Zaafaran Eau De Parfum 50 ml 1.7 Fl Oz Oriental Perfume

Mousuf By Ard Al Zaafaran Eau De Parfum 50 ml 1.7 Fl Oz Oriental Perfume

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Mousuf By Ard Al Zaafaran Eau De Parfum 50 ml 1.7 Fl Oz Oriental Perfume

The Mousuf by My Perfumes is What all everyone wants just one thing; to love the warm scent with exotic woods and spices. Sandalwood exhales its typical sweetish woody scent; cedar augmented sleek softness and both them as Sheik reigns rare oud. All this richly sprinkled with cinnamon.

For usage spray twice on either the clothes worn or on the neck and wrist as this is a parfum which means the scent is much longer lasting. 

The aroma calms if dissolves in the skin, causing a feeling of peace and Tran quality. Delicate and discreet aroma for calm, measured everyday shy and modest person. A good gift to friends who will appreciate your taste and attention. 

Oud wood scent, spicy, floral, high quality and long lasting

Top notes: Grape chocolaty scent

Middle notes: musky oud

Base notes: distinctive floral and caramel aroma

 Volume: 100ml

3.4 Fl. Oz.

Customer Reviews

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Mohamed-Ali L.M.

J'aime beaucoup ce parfum c'est exactement le dupe de Jimmy cho franchement je recommande

Hidden Gem!!!!

ok i know this juice gets compared to one million lucky but i have never smelled it so 8 can't compare the two, niw what i can definitely tell you is this Hidden Gem is amazing!!! the quality to Price ratio is insane if this was bottled by Versace or Givenchy it would go for three times the price rate and people would not complain about it. To me it leans more masculine and for the younger crowd mid 20s early 30s it is super sexy and perfect for night out occasions. I'm 56 so my son is going to grab this one from me for sure!!!!


kind of smells like men cologne

Mirian R.
Very masculine

This is scent for men and woman . But to me it is totally masculine. It is beautiful manly scent. I gifted this to my son and I nailed it. He loves it. I will buy him the big bottle soon.

Freshie with a touch of oud.

It reminds me of Nautica Voyage with a touch of oud. I like it, I like it a lot.