Vanilla So Sweet Eau De Parfum By Fragrance World 100ml 3.4 FL OZ

Vanilla So Sweet Eau De Parfum By Fragrance World 100ml 3.4 FL OZ

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Vanilla So Sweet Eau De Parfum By Fragrance World 100ml 3.4 FL OZ

Mysterious echoes of incense and cedar wood, combined with a spicy echo of pink pepper and citrus bergamot, this is the introduction of the luxurious fragrance Vanilla So Sweet.

Creamy-sounding ylang - ylang and Bulgarian rose intertwined with fruity nuances will play a floral aria, in which white-smelling jasmine will also be heard.

The vanilla solo is directly all-embracing with all the nuances that this deliciously gourmet ingredient can provide. Vanilla intertwines a gourmand accord with a light, powdery dry fluffiness accord, and at the same time vanilla is heard, which also has a hint of cognac in it, which is supported by the addition of styrax at the end, with its cocoa-milk fractions.

Guerlain's Spiritueuse Double Vanille perfume was the inspiration for Fragrance World Vanilla So Sweet.

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    Customer Reviews

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    ILove this fragrance vanella and fresh 👍

    Loved it

    Its a great fragrance if you love vanilla note


    Smells more like Angel Share than Guerlain.


    I never expected to smell a scent of a perfume i use to wear when i was younger to pop up definitely everyday use. Smelling edible am i right🫶🏾

    Glen B.

    This is and will be my favorite Vanilla scent. It is spectacular. From the presentation to the juice. Compliments galore.