Vie Ciel Eau EDP By FA Paris Fragrance World 80ml 2.7 FL OZ

Vie Ciel Eau EDP By FA Paris Fragrance World 80ml 2.7 FL OZ

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Vie Ciel Eau EDP By FA Paris Fragrance World 80ml 2.7 FL OZ OZ

Embark on a captivating journey with Vie Ciel (Elements Of Life) Eau De Parfum by FA Paris (Fragrance World). This fragrance weaves together the alluring blend of precious spices, earthy elements, and sensational amber. Let the notes of pink pepper, saffron, olibanum, vetiver, and amber transport you to a world of vibrancy and allure. Experience the captivating essence of Vie Ciel and indulge in its sensory richness.

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Customer Reviews

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Eh Not For Me

I have Black Panther from Alexandria and I prefer that one to this. Vie Ciel has an off putting ‘icy hot’ smell that just lingers underneath the fragrance and it never goes away. Kind of bummed that this will be reduced to a throw away


That burst of grapefruit and ambroxan...sets it off!! Great buy! Much recommended!!


This is gorgeous. I purchased the original from Neiman Marcus for my husband and I fell in love with it and when I read the reviews on this I say well let me try this, but I didn’t have to spend $400 and when I tell you this is closest you going to get. There are other alternatives out there purchased another one. That is really good also. But this is a great impression here.


Hands down ....awesome!!!!

Jason L.